Build your car on an iPad

Thoughts By 6 years ago

The other night I decided I might like an electric car, so I began browsing on the couch using my iPad. Turns out the Tesla Roadster is way too expensive, and almost all other car companies fail at websites on iPads.

1. Mercedes Benz – Adobe Flash – FAIL

2. BMW – Java not compatible on iPad – Fail

3. Porsche – WIN!

4. Holden – Win!


5. Peugeot – Win!

6. Bentley – Flash Fail

7. Rolls Royce – WIN! with an iPad App

  • Erik

    I’d like to point out that the holden example works fine on ipads, there’s no flash present 😉

    Give it another shot mate, might have been some server woes at that time.

  • Rosy

    The Holden site works fine for me.
    Big question – Is it the site’s fail or the iPad’s fail that it can’t display Flash or Java based apps?

  • Erik, thanks for the comment, I have updated my post accordingly. The Holden site does work on iPad and is well optimised. Must have been a network issue.