BrainyApp #1

Thoughts By 6 years ago

There was excitement in the air the night before the release of BrainyApp scheduled for 12:01am. The App we had passionately worked on for the 3 months beforehand was ready to go with a complete publicity plan the launch day including interviews, television appearances and radio interviews to boot.

Durng the launch day downloads came pouring in with well over 20,000 BraniyApp scores posted to the server.

The media was all over the launch and the night of launch the App was presented on prime time news from the ABC to Channel 7.

The same day IT heavyweights picked up on the story with articles in IT Wire and Life Hacker. Industry publications picked up on the App and even interviewed b2cloud! –

The social webs came alive too with a strong following on the Alzheimers Australia Facebook page and plenty of great comments are entries to the competitions.

Following such a well executed launch by the wonderful team at Alzheimers Australia and BUPA, the App hit the top spot in the App Store, just above Facebook 🙂

Congratulations to Alzheimers Australia. Over 100,000 people now know about the disease that kills thousands of Australians every year. Most importantly there is now a readily available tool to help curb the statistic.