Books and Apps

Thoughts By 5 years ago

Earlier this year my brother was working for a company that took over management of businesses that were no longer profitable, then attempt to pay back their creditors.  One of his clients was the Australian arm of book retailer Boarders. It was really sad to watch, these stores had such a peaceful and relaxed energy, with technology to blame for their demise.

The book industry is in a state of flux.

So when I was asked this month to write a book, my biggest concern was how people were going to hear about it. There are fewer shelves to display it on.

I often tell people who have the next big App idea to think about marketing, promotions and positioning. Apps are a competitive space with limited spots to get featured.

Books are the same, with hundreds of years of books all crammed into diminishing stores and increasingly popular digital book market places.

So any authors that have advice on marketing a book to readers in 2013, please contact me.