BIG IT and Apps

Thoughts By 5 years ago

Technology has evolved in a massive way in the last 5 years. Gone are the days where 95% of PC’s had Windows installed and we organized our lives with Palm Pilots.

The wonder years of the PC established some really big IT companies, touting their Microsoft Certifications and their ability to streamline the organization (not sure what that means).

So naturally it’s time they evolve, and what better place than to mobile.

I attend a lot of events and talk with these companies trying to come to grips with mobile and the cloud. They hire the best developers with the war chest of $$$ saved from the good days. They turn a seemingly simple 2 month development into a million dollar year on year annuity deal. Like the good old days.

We (the user) get a similar product – bigger, heavier and rarely better. The big IT salesman gets a big commission. And the niche developers who could have nailed it with a fraction of the effort don’t even get to play.

So I urge companies looking to build apps to look further than their traditional IT company in a transformational business phase. The people who build the games and apps you already love are a google search away.