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No matter how good the book, a set text is never easy to read, remember Year 11 English? So we are not going to tell you what to read… merely make some suggestions. Every week we will post this blog, the B2Cloud-Storm, detailing what articles regarding social media we as bloggers have been reading.

This article discusses one of the increasing numbers of lawsuits that are being filed against the heavy weights of social media. For a similar article, click here.

Five challenges Social Media Will Bring To Business
As the title suggests, this article provides readers with a number of potential drawbacks created when introducing social media into business. These include issues such as integration, governance, and measurement. Here Harvard Business provides its readers with a refreshing angle on social media.

“None” is not a social media strategy
Here we find an informed and useful article that wades through the potentially confusing topic of social media in business, suggesting a way to integrate the two.

Why nerds are losing control of Twitter
An entertaining article documenting Twitter’s shift from the realm of the technology savvy to that of the average Joe.

Nokia works with Facebook on tighter mobile integration
Social media is fast becoming a necessary feature on mobile phones. This article shows how mobile phone networks are responding to the trend.

A new Twitter application we at B2Cloud took a shine to.

Check back in a week for our next B2Cloud-Storm!

  • mmm… one of the best books i’ve ever read was in year 12 english… The Outsider… I still love that book… and probably never would have read it if it weren’t for year 12 english… indeed, if i read that book today, I’d hate Camus for his fucked up colonialist viewpoints and his misogynist overtones…

    So please, tell me what to read – until i know better…