19th October 2009


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    This week the following articles were keeping us here at B2Cloud up until the wee hours of the morning:

    How Twitter and Crowdsourcing Are Reshaping Recruiting

    An article which highlights the impact social media, in particular Twitter, is having on the recruitment process. When part of a job’s requirements is having 250+ followers on Twitter, you know this is a real issue.

    And at the other end of the spectrum:

    Survey: Over half of U.S. workplaces block social networks

    FBI warns of growing attacks using Facebook


    Would You Pay $25 For Facebook

    Do you think if we do end up having to pay for Facebook they will have Tight Ass Tuesdays?

    Facebook Index Shows When You’re Happy

    Someone from Facebook has been putting some serious time in reading status updates…

    By picking up on certain words found in these updates Facebook have produced a Gross National Happiness Index which lets them know how users (as a collective group) are feeling. What they are going to do with this information is yet to be announced.

    • The facebook happiness index is cool! biggest spike is for fourth of july… that kinda sucks… but the biggest negative spike is also the 4th… pretty cool…

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