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10 People You Won’t See On Twitter Anymore

Twitter toughens up and sets some serious rules in a bid to clean up spam, false accounts and general abuse. Mashable kindly explains these new rules before the games begin

Checkmate, Twitter: Facebook ‘status tagging’ live

Not to be outdone, Facebook introduces a new tool that allows users to tag friends and groups in status updates, using the symbol @. Sound familiar?

The Disadvantage of Twitter and Facebook

A thought provoking blog post which highlights the personal touch which forwarding emails provides and that Twitter and Facebook lack.

Confirmed: Twitter is Saving All Your Tweets, After All

A brief blog raising the issue of what happens to all those old tweets. Does Twitter keep these tweets? An interesting thought considering Twitter is one of the first sources of news and current events on the web.

10 Hilarious Twitter Parody Videos

On a lighter note…