AppStore required upload resources

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Here is a list of all the requirements for an AppStore app to make it easy to make sure you have everything ready to upload.

All fields are required unless stated otherwise.


Company nameYou need to specify this when you upload your first app. You only get one shot at setting this, so make sure it’s correct.

Version Information

Version numberA number that identifies the current version of the app. Your developer will most likely set this. It should start at 1.0
CopyrightCopyright information for your app
Primary categoryYour app will show under this category, you can choose from the following
Secondary category (optional)Chosen from the same list as above
Age ratingYou must rate certain content in your app from None, Infrequent or or Intense. Your app will be rated based on it’s content, and given an appropriate age rating. Depending on the content, Apple may refuse to host your app in the AppStore (usually because of excessive violence or pornography).

App details

App name (255 character limit)What the user sees when searching for your app on the AppStore. Note that no two apps can have the exact same name.
Description (4000 character limit)The big bulk of text where you can explain what your app does and why the user should download it. Note that you can not use certain special characters anymore, like the ASCII star for example.
What’s newThis only applies to app updates. You can explain what has changed since the last version.
Keywords (100 character limit)When your user searches, the keywords help match search terms to your app. Different terms should be separated by commas, no spaces are required after commas. Note that commas also contribute to the character limit.
Support urlWhere the user will be linked to if they tap the support link on the AppStore. This should provide help information or possibly some way to get one on one help (email etc etc).
Marketing url (optional)A url providing any marketing information.
Privacy url (optional)Where the user will be linked to if they tap on your privacy policy.


App icon (1024×1024)This should be the same as the app icon that shows on the user’s homescreen in PNG format. Note that even though app icons have rounded corners, the app icon image you upload should NOT have rounded corners, Apple rounds them for you.
Screenshots for iPhone 4 and 4S
(640×960 portrait or 960×640 landscape)
Required only for iPhone apps. Up to 5 screenshots in PNG format.
Screenshots for iPhone 5, 5C and 5S
(640×1136 portrait or 1136×640 landscape)
Required only for iPhone apps. Up to 5 screenshots in PNG format.
Screenshots for iPad
(1536×2048 portrait or 2048×1536 landscape)
Required only for iPad apps. Up to 5 screenshots in PNG format.

App review details

Contact personName, email and phone number. Usually this will be your developer.
Review notes (optional, 4000 character limit)If you need to explain something to the reviewer, this is the place to do it. Remember a smooth review means a faster app approval.
Demo account username/password (optional)Any login information needed to test your app. For example, if your app doesn’t have a registration process (bank app login etc etc), this is how the reviewer will test it. If you need to provide more than one, do so in the review notes.

Visually, here’s where that information is displayed on an app’s page (click for larger)

  • alina thomas

    The play store of apple is the most famous among all the peoples.There are so many apps available in the app store some of them are free some may be available at very minimum cost.There are numbers of app is submitted to the app store but all will be approved or not it is a big question.

    • Tom

      Whether or not your app gets approved is based on the content of it and also how stable the app is (Apple will reject an app that crashes)