Android, is there anybody out there?

Thoughts By 6 years ago

Yes there is, and if the ever increasing bell curve on the number of Android apps available on the store is an indicator, Android is here in a big way!

At the recent Google I/O conference the statistics were huge. Over 100,000,000 devices activated from 35 different manufacturers. There are around 310 different Android devices on the market and the number of new activations are approximately 400,000 a day globally.

How does this compare to the likes of Apple? Well we simply cannot compare iPhone sales to Samsung or HTC. Apple as the hardware manufacturer using proprietary iOS software means we aggregate every other Android device market position and THEN compare. The 2Q 2011 market share for Apple was 19.1%, compared to the total Android market (Samsung, HTC etc) exceeding 40%.

Certainly interesting numbers, and b2cloud as a developer should look logically at these and make the decision to dramatically ramp up our Android development capability.

Here is my problem. If I was to ask a sample of Android users to download an App, one of two things will happen. They either wouldn’t have a clue how to even begin this task, flicking around and trying to find an App Store. If they do eventually find it, watch the confusion as they navigate through the Android Market’s clunky design.

My second biggest issue is not only are Android pushing their store, but Telstra install their own apps by default on your device and there even alternate app stores like Handango and MobiHand to name a few. This is incredibly confusing for users and is simply an attempt  by big companies to jump on the App bandwagon.

The Android market share is growing, their apps are multiplying…… but are users connecting with the Android App universe?

  • Tony

    Hi there, interesting piece.. Glad to hear more developers taking interest in us, the Android users. However, I actually strongly disagree with your ‘biggest problem’. Firstly, to download apps off android is just as easy and as simple as the iPhone’s. Don’t know what kind of sample users you got there, but I’ve got many friends who have not had troubles like this.

    What we don’t/seldom have in Android is the pretty apps looks. That’s why it would be really great if more developers like you guys to design more apps like the iPhone’s. This would be my version of the ‘biggest problems’ 🙂

  • Thanks for your comments Tony. Its a really tough one for developers like us where our development focus is driven by our customers who fund the development of an App. What we are seeing now is that once an iPhone App has hit the store and had some success (validation for the customer), the natural choice for the next development is Android.

    We are at that point now, and our premiere Apps like the Australian Good Food Guide will be released on Android soon (others too fingers crossed). This brings about challenges in itself with the varied screen sizes and functions from different manufacturers . But this isn’t a huge concern and it will be a learning experience for us.