Aggregate please

Thoughts By 8 years ago

I officially suffer from SM overload. For me to continue to login, manage, update, view and respond to all my networks, I need to quit my job, or make it my job. SM should enhance normal activities, not hinder.

It is time to aggregate!

Bring the networks to one place, a universal social media portal where I can tweet my Facebook and LinkedIn status, post to my blog and wall whilst uploading photos to my Plaxo, Redbubble and Picasa.

The convergence of social media is happening, what it will look like is unclear. At a micro level, the networks including Facebook and LinkedIn are connecting the blogs and photo sharing sites.

At a mid tier level, standalone applications such as EventBox sit on your PC and aggregate Facebook, Reader, OneRiot, Twitter, Flickr and Reddit. The same can be seen on mobilePicture 3 devices such as the iPhone.

Finally at a macro level, operating systems such as Jolicloud provide a true cloud computing experience on a Netbook, aggregating all social media and eliminating the need for locally installed software.

So what will the landscape look like in 12 months? Will Google enter the social aggregation and search space? Will I continue to be overwhelmed with logins, passwords and screen names?