A dilemma, LinkedIn or Plaxo

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I have been a LinkedIn user for many years now, and over that time I have built up 150 or so connections with users that I have met on my networking adventures. After meeting someone, LinkedIn allows me see information about that person that would otherwise not come up in conversation. I can also see their contacts, and their contacts contact, which is a great way to build on the network.

But I have a dilemma, LinkedIn is but one of many social networking slash contact management tools. So when the other day, after a networking function I get a request from a Plaxo user who doesn’t use LinkedIn, I find myself signing up to yet another network, and starting my database again from scratch.

Ill be honest, I find this frustrating to say the least. Of 156 contacts, 150 are on LinkedIn and the remainder on Plaxo. Where do I focus my efforts? Should I begin splitting the 20 minutes a day evenly on using both networks?

Plaxo are doing a great job of integrating their network with other platforms such as Facebook. What I am after is a link between Plaxo and LinkedIn so I can access my whole community in the one place. All I can do is ask:

13/7/09 – TO: feedback-sui@plaxo.com
Could you please link Plaxo to LinkedIn to provide a consolidated platform. I much prefer the Plaxo user experience, but the majority of my contacts are on LinkedIn. A connection as you have done with Facebook, would solve a common issue of ‘which one do I choose?’

13/7/09 – FROM: support@plaxo.com
Thank you for your suggestion. I will take this as a feedback and forward it to our Product Development Team as a feature request. We sincerely take these into account at every product review.

Fingers crossed that this wasn’t an auto response, and the dilemma I face can be solved.

Which one do you use?

  • I head up marketing at Plaxo and appreciate your feedback and your request. I also completely agree with you. At Plaxo we are strongly believers in and champions of openness and interoperability — and of the “Open Stack” of technologies for interoperability (like OpenID, OAuth, and Portable Contacts). We are committed to the idea that your data is *yours* and not ours, and that you should have the ability to take it with you to other services. We have a great integration with Facebook, with two-way flows of content — and with us honoring Facebook friend connections. We would *love* to have the same sort of arrangement with LinkedIn, especially given how many of our users also use LinkedIn. Let’s work to put an end to “Re-Friend Madness”!

  • John, thank you for your response! It is great to hear that you are listening and acknowledge that the user owns the data, and should be able to choose networks as they please. Fantastic to see Plaxo ending the ‘Re-Friend Madness”. Keep up the good work!