Josh Guest

Managing Director

26th February 2012

A device for the masses

Thoughts By 5 years ago

Having recently travelled to Vietnam for a holiday and realised iPhone’s are uncommon. I received the same reaction from people as I pulled out my iPhone to snap photos in Vietnam, as I did in Melbourne when I owned an iPhone 3G – “Wow, you have an iPhone”.

Apple was the device company that is supposed to reach the masses, but apparently with global fixed pricing structures it is completely unattainable in a second world country like Vietnam, not to mention India, China, Africa etc.

I am increasingly excited by smartphones, especially those that are affordable. I asked several mobile phone retailers in Vietnam what the best selling devices were – Nokia ($20 feature phone), HTC, Samsung, LG.

Moving forward to our business of App Development, is there an opportunity to develop Android based Apps for developing nations instead of iPhone Apps?

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