5 tips to making a great App

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Sometimes we are asked to amend our Apps, or add features that we know will make it a bad app. We kindly refuse such requests šŸ˜‰ . Ā There is a very fine line between a great App and a Bad App. This is how to avoid the latter:

1. It feels right

Both Apple and Google provide very detailed resources to developers on how to build a user interface that works on their platform. For instance Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines are incredibly comprehensive and explain the techniques and research Apple used to build the most intuitive interface that just feels right.

Why is this important? When a user is comfortable using mail, calendar, phone they should be able to open your App and use it without instruction. Stick to the guidelines!

2. Stable

An App should never crash. This is a result of sloppy programming or errors in web service calls that are incorrectly handled. During testing, iron these bugs out. There is no room for a crash on Android or iOS release build, and its the fastest way to loose your audience.

3. Quick

Users love apps because they are fast. They load instantly, they cache data and access the internet efficiently. Apps that have heavy data calls, should break them up, and focus on the most important ones first. Then consider loading other data calls later.

4. It makes sense

Under no circumstances should a user need to read Ā a series of instructions to operateĀ an App. The interaction between a human and a machine must be intuitive, animations indicating a user is looking deeper, and animations to show a user they are moving out. There must be lots of visual cues that should lead a user through an App, and ensure they don’t feel lost.

5. Functionality

A great App never tries to be everything. It provides a handful of useful functions, beautifully and simply.It is

A brainstorm and UI/UX for AGFG App by b2cloud

that elegance that makes a great App. There may be hundreds of processes running in the background accessing databases, but to the user, its just simple. It just works.

This is one of the most difficult things to achieve, but when done well you end up with Angry birds, Facebook, Expedia, Path and Shazam.