44 pixels

Thoughts By 5 years ago

If you”re an iOS developer you have probably seen the number 44 all over the place. The size of buttons, the size of navigation bars, the size of cells etc etc. But why are so many sizes 44 pixels?

The answer is that the number 44 is the optimal minimum size for the touch region controls that require user input, any smaller than this and your users may have a bit of trouble tapping on certain controls. It”s pretty rare that you would find a control in one of online casino Apple”s apps that breaks this rule. You can go bigger but it”s strongly recommended never to go smaller.

Having said this, graphics can be smaller than 44, but the touch region should still follow the rule. For example in the navigation bar it would appear the UIBarButtonItems only have a height of 30 pixels. This is true for their graphic but the touch region extends past the edges of the button, allowing the user to touch anywhere above or below the button inside the navigation bar.

For those rare occasions where there”s possibly too much content to warrant a minimum of 44 pixels, there are other solutions. For example on the iPad calendar app in “year mode”, a touch and hold will present a picker to help users precisely pick a day of the month by dragging their finger

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