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16th August 2013

3 must have OSX Apps!

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The title says it:

3) Wifi Explorer

An amazing app for those who like to setup a perfect Wifi network. This app analyses and draws a really good map of whats going on around you, wifi-wise. You get a full range of information about all the routers in your range and the best use for it is that it tells you what frequency each router around you is working on so that you can choose a less busy one for yours.


2) Tube Controller

A clever app developed by Tom (b2cloud iOS dev) which makes life a whole lot easier for those of us that use YouTube to stream music.

When running this app, your keyboard media controller buttons work in a super clever way to figure out whether you want to pause a youtube vide (when running in background) or you actually want to communicate with iTunes. Super smart, check it out!

1) Memory Clean

This is probably the most used application on my Macbook other than Safari. Memory Clean does one thing and that is to clear your unused memory. As you all know OSX keeps a portion of your memory as inactive and for those running on 4GB memory like myself, that 700mb could speed things up significantly.

It’s best feature is automatic cleaning which you can set yourself. My 4GB is usually fully used and I’ve set the app to clear my memory when it reaches a minimum of 500MB. I highly recommend MemoryClean because my Macbook has never slowed down thanks to this app!

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