3 days with Glass

Thoughts By 4 years ago

We have had Google Glass for several months now, but it has spent most of its time with our development team. On Tuesday I decided to wear it all day and night to experience life with it, and understanding the possibilities and impacts of Glass.


I put on Glass in the morning as I commenced my morning routines. I decided it wouldn’t be appropriate to wear Glass to my morning Bootcamp session. I wore Glass whilst eating breakfast, brushing teeth and making my lunch. I was presented with the news from CNN and the New York Times and most useful was the alert to leave home to make my appointment at the office through Google Now


Wearing Google Glass while presenting to an audience of 100 is a true reflection of how natural having subtle notifications are whilst conducting a talk. During the session I received 2 notifications, a text message from Mum and an update on the situation in Kenya. There was no distraction and I could continue speaking at the same time.


Despite all of the press around Glass being distracting, it was less distracting than having my phone sending alerts and tempting me to pick it up. Whilst in the car, I didnt recieve any visual alerts. I heard a couple of beeps to indicate an important email had arrived, but it required me to interact with Glass to read them. I pulled over, asked Glass to read my email aloud which it did perfectly. It also prompted me to display a map of a faster route to my destination.


When I received a call, I was able to answer, speak and hang up using voice commands and no visual interruptions. The call would be routed through bluetooth and use Glass’s bone conductive speaker for audio and inbuilt mic.



Running from meeting to meeting is great with Glass, with emails and tweets displayed to me throughout the day. Especially when in a meeting I could still hold a conversation, while checking the time and glancing at important emails. I would usually be checking my phone.


After hours

Walking into a restaurant was a little strange. By that time I had completely forgot the foreign object on my head, but patrons were staring at me. Took a couple of minutes to work out why. During dinner I was able to receive a couple of test messages and still hold a conversation. However I think the ettiquette would be to keep Glass in the car during social events.