Merry “Flicmas” from b2cloud

Flic By 2 years ago

We hope you enjoy your present, to set up your Flic button go to

For some inspiration, the team have come up with some suggested uses for this amazing wireless button:

Navigate to Work and Home

By Varun

“You can configure the button to load the quickest routes to home or work each day. One press opens up the navigation app on your phone along with the routes available and the travel times based on traffic conditions.”

Camera Remote

By Mac

“You can set up Flic to take a photo / video when the camera is not accessible by hand, for example mounted on your head (Go-Pro) or as a remote trigger for selfies or group photos”

Turn off the Music

By Tom

“Place the button near the front door so you can to turn off the entire Sonos system as you leave. When you get home, it also means you can resume playing all the tracks in different rooms where you left off.”

Get out of a Terrible Date

Zac website
By Zac

“You can set up the Flic button to ring your phone, perfect for when you need to make an excuse to leave!”