“Working with b2cloud to turn my book The Cook’s Companion into an innovative app experience has been an incredibly rewarding journey. The b2cloud team showed great creativity and a wonderfully collaborative approach.”

Stephanie Alexander

Australian Cook

The Vision

Transform Australia’s best-selling cookbook into an interactive mobile and tablet experience


Turning a bestselling cookbook into a smartphone and tablet application is by no means the easiest task, especially when the cookbook is respected and loved for its helpful page margins, unique structure and the distinct way in which Stephanie’s personality comes through in every page.



The solution was to rethink how a cookbook could look in the mobile age. It was a matter of getting down to the very essence of what people loved so much about Cook’s Companion, which was of course Stephanie and her food, and letting that influence how the app looks and feels.



The Cook's Companion is no longer just the kitchen 'bible' in over 500,000 Australian homes, it is now an interactive mobile and tablet application, helping cooks of all levels and expertise create the beautiful recipes Stephanie Alexander is so well known for.

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Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion on Android Stephanie Alexander's Cooks Companion on iPhone

The Result

Featured on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store


Cook’s Companion has been a resounding success. The app has received the incredible honour of being a featured in both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, a very rare achievement.


It has also been profiled on national television, featured in press across the country and positively reviewed by both old and new fans alike.


Next Project

See and Hear through Google Glass