"These new technologies create opportunities to give people who are disabled in some way an opportunity to be much more part of society."

Dr Hugh Bradlow

Chief Technology Officer

The Vision

To use Google Glass as a way to give everyone the opportunity to connect with the world around them, irrespective of their visual or hearing difficulties.


The process behind developing the Google Glass apps was understanding Glass' technology could be leveraged to benefit the user. Once we understood what Glass could do, we began building the most effective and efficient apps possible.



The vision-impaired app enables users to receive audio descriptions of objects in front of them. It’s as simple as a user looking at any object and saying “Ok Glass, what’s this?” After only a few seconds, Glass will announce the object to the user such as ‘Parmesan Cheese.’The hearing-impaired app transcribes speech for people who have hearing difficulties, allowing them to follow a conversation, such as a meeting discussion or a speech at a conference.



We have tested and trialled both apps with a group of Telstra employees who have vision and hearing difficulties, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. More and more people will have access to the apps as we continue to improve and develop them.

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