How to create an Uber successful digital product vision

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We at b2cloud play a fundamental role for businesses looking to build successful digital products. We often hear passionate product owners, experienced CEO’s and founders articulate their vision to us saying… “I want to build

The car of the future is shared and driven by software

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There are many visions on where mobility is going and how transportation will evolve. Which will prevail? Where will the disruption occur? I suspect the car I drive now, will be the last one I

Hey Siri, how do I start a conversation with someone with a disability?

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We all love Siri’s little witty quips, but I recently read a heartwarming article over on Mashable that reflects the power of technology to change lives in ways that most of us would never appreciate. I won’t spoil

CES 2017: Health and Accessibility

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This year’s CES certainly lived up to the Las Vegas expo’s reputation as the place to see what’s next in tech, showcasing innovations that will set the tone for the rest of the year and beyond. The

Using CSS3 Special Effects for Menus

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CSS3 comes with a range of transition, transformation and animation properties that you can use to enhance your website and introduce animation without using Flash or JavaScript. There are also some nice design enhancements like text-shadows and border-radius. In this tutorial I’ll demonstrate how to use these techniques to enhance a menu.

To PC or not to PC (part 2)

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Part 2 of my To PC or not PC debate.

Obtaining Luminosity from an iOS Camera

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Unfortunately Apple does not give developers access to the ambient light sensor on the top of it’s iOS devices (used to measure brightness and adjust the screens brightness accordingly), and when I say access I

iOS Distort Transform

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Transforms in iOS are great, very easy to create and use, as long as you only want to rotate, translate or scale. In a project we completed a while back we needed to distort the text on a switch type button to make it look like the text followed the contour of the button’s edges. We tried rotating but that looked strange when the corners of the text poked out, we needed to keep the left and right edges straight like a parallelogram, we needed a ‘distort’ transform. The CGAffine methods don’t support distorting, so we had to make the transform ourselves. It is actually very easy, just implement these two defines in your project and use them like you would use the scale, rotate or translate functions.

Speeding up WordPress

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One of the great things about WordPress is all of the wonderful plugins available. The downside of adding all these plugins to your site is that your often loading your plugin JavaScript and CSS files in the header when they are not being used. Some may only be used once in your sight and others only in certain sections. In this post I’ve got some tips on cleaning out unnecessary header calls in your WordPress header.

Removing reorder cell shadows from a UITableView

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Last week I explained how to reorder a cell from any point for a Scramble type game we had created. Another issue we faced with our Scramble game was the shadow behind each cell, which looked a tad weird. If you are facing the same issue, here is how you can correct it quite easily.

Couch to 9km with an iPhone

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It gave me great satisfaction knowing that I ran the 9km Sydney Bridge Run with the help of an iPhone/iPad App that b2cloud built for our valued client BUPA.

Obtaining Decibels from the iOS Microphone

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I am a big fan of applications using non-standard ways of interacting with their environment, and an easy way to achieve interaction is by measuring the amount of decibels coming from an iOS Devices microphone.

Using Social Media for Social Cause

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This weekend 3 Melbourne guys will be hosting “The Lame Game Marathon” a 24 hour gaming marathon of the 15 worst games ever made. Why? To raise money for the East Africa Famine. What inspired us to write a post about The Lame Game Marathon, besides seeing them woo McSteamy in the Grey’s Anatomy game, is how they have used a variety of social media outlets to promote their cause.

Peace and quiet, the crowdsource way

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During yesterdays weekly Pizza Blog session I presented an idea to our b2cloud’ers, its an iPhone App called 2Sense. Use the iPhones light and sound measurement capability to measure whether a cafe is dark and noisy, restaurant bright and quiet.